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Patriot Paradox. First and foremost I will say that I did not like this blog, not one iota. Political blogs, especially political blogs written by the Christian/Republican contingent of American society are something that I normally avoid at all costs. Having said that though, for the purpose of this review, I do believe it achieves it’s aim as an informative, patriotic/political blog. I mean, Nick is so patriotic he got married on July 4th! In all seriousness, if you’re into politics of all sorts or if you’re one of the people who are actually paying attention to the American Election these days, then this blog is definitely one for you.

In the hopes of finding out more information about Nick Queen, I hopped on over to his about me page to garner some more personal information. It’s just the basic stuff to be found there, when and where he married, his beliefs, his political stance, the first thing he’ll say to God when he checks in with Saint Peter – stuff like that.

So with my background knowledge in hand, I started reading.

Man, this guy loves his politics. It’s extremely well put-together, I certainly cannot complain about the way Nick argues his topics (apart from the fact that I don’t agree with him on many, many issues). He’s a very intelligent individual who knows how to debate and write a convincing argument for his own beliefs. It’s actually refreshing to read such a site that isn’t all “This is what I think and if you don’t think the same thing as me then you all suck!”. In that, I give Nick props for the way he comes across – which is mostly unobtrusive.

The design of the blog is a well-structured, basic layout with the usual red-white-blue colours that tie in well with the theme. There’s several links to like-themed blogs, sites and causes and on the whole, it’s very easy to read. It makes good use of the “extended entry” codes that flip the rest of the entry out onto the same URL rather than having to go through to the individual page for the entry. It’s very convenient and makes the blog look very neat and tidy.

Just in case you haven’t already caught on, if you’re not politically inclined, you will not enjoy this blog. However, those of you who may be interested to read what a very American man has to say about his country (or rather, the people who run it), then you will probably be in your element – whether or not you agree with Patriot Paradox.Patriot Paradox

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