Review 2510

On arrival at creating space 101 now entitled ‘squeeze’ you are immediately presented with a fairly standard blogger template with but a few adaptations to colour, layout and with the edition of a rather large orange slice as a banner – the tagline reads ‘fresh, tangy ideas’. That sounded promising, and after reading the small about me section in the left hand menu I headed off in search of the archives.

Squeeze has been in existence since September 2003, and the vast majority of postings are of a personal nature. My initial readings were a little frustrating due to occasional character problems ‘today… it’s’ being just an example. I appreciate however this has more to do with the authors keyboard, and is not intentional, at least I hope not!. That aside, on the whole I found that the author’s style was simple and easy to follow, although not overly fond of the shift key it seems because capital letters are hardly ever utilised. As I said most of the entries are of a personal nature, generally describing life events as they happen interspersed with the odd meme. Now the vast majority of entries failed to grab me at all, but one or two did manage to stand out from the crowd – generally when the author really unleashed, let go of the shackles and got reflective. It wasn’t life changing stuff, but it was interesting in a learning about the individual kind of way.

The design is a simple adaptation of a generic blogger template, clearly the author of this blog likes orange – not only do we have a slice of orange as a central theme in the banner but all the graphic lines and fonts are orange too. There’s nothing seriously wrong with that if orange is your thing, the text was clear and easy to read after all. Some interesting links reside in the left hand column, some of which are worthy of further exploration.

On the whole Squeeze isn’t all that bad as blogspot sites go, it’s a fair enough contribution to this world we call blog – the design isn’t dazzling but has enough touches to make it truly individual, and the content although personal contains the occasional interesting post. It isn’t a blog I would frequent on a regular basis, but one maybe worthy of a look in every now and again. I do believe most entries are tailored towards people who reside in this authors social circle, as knowledge of the people who are mentioned here is essential to understanding half the posts. Not really spectacular but showing some potential for the future – 2.5creating a space 101

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