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Was I really destined to make reviews of other TWR review staff member’s blogs? This is too much of a coincidence.

Thor, the God of Thunder, is the owner of this blog. Looking at his picture, he reminded me of Agent Smith of the Matrix trilogy, which I must say got my attention first. I am not fond of BlogSpot blogs, but his layout and organization was good enough to make me stay.

He classified his blog in the Humor category, and I must say that his writing, which pays the plain blue and gray layout off, is amusing. Still, I am not so sure whether I should categorize this one into the Humor or Personal category. As I am typing this, I’m still not sure where to stash Walking Stick, but I’ll figure that out.

It’s a personal blog that’s very funny that it’s dangerous. Then again, it’s a humor blog that’s too personal that it’s NOT like some mediocre humor blog wherein they continue with their BASH BUSH campaigns or other simply insane posts just to provoke one’s wicked sense of humor.

He has this, as I dub it, a Blogger’s Humor. It’s like a Oh-Life-is-so-Messed-Up-but-I’ll-Use-That-For-My-Own-Good kind of humor. Okay, that was vague, but that’s what his approach is like. He makes use of uncanny but funny coincidences and incidences that happens in his life and turns them into entertaining posts which makes you crave for more. It also makes you think, “How can this be for real? Then again, how could one be so gifted with such dog-eats-world life?”

I enjoy his sense of humor since I almost have the same humor as he has, only mine needs more development. He does need improvement with the jokes he cracks, too, but he’s on the right track. I can say that his blog is entertaining and amusing, but it’s not so hilarious just yet.

Design-wise, he has a clean blue and gray layout, and it looks okay in Internet Explorer even if he had this one post saying he had trouble with his layout in IE browsers. Also he has a layout which will take away the popular belief that all Blogspot layouts suck, but I did see developments of other BS users regarding this aspect.

He doesn’t have javascript or dhtml (…etcetera, etcetera) extras in his site, but I must say that his entry titles and subtitles makes up for them – a hundredfold. They succeed in their objective which is to attract their reader’s attention. He also has his “Classics” section in the sidebar, and this is what he considers as the creme of the Walking Stick crop, and I agree with him in that point.

All in all, I give him a 4.5. Why not a 5? The design doesn’t do justice to his writing, which deters most readers from getting to read Walking Stick. Still, this blog is a must-read, because there are only a few blogs out there which succeed in giving each and every post a personality.Walking Stick

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