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Warning! Peaceblog alert! I groaned when I read just the URL of this one, let alone saw the site (but because of the rules of being a reveiwer for The Weblog Review I couldn’t skip it). I’ve read peaceblogs before and I’ve never been impressed with them, either because the authors of the site cannot get their point across without trying to push their opinions onto the reader (passive aggressiveness is always fun – not), or they cannot back up their reasons for whatever it is that they are arguing about. That doth not a happy reader maketh.

Now, my general impressions of the blog on first entry. Very organised. Not anything spectacular as it’s a re-coloured version of a standard MT layout as far as I can tell. Everything’s very easy on the eyes with little fanfair to distract from the writing. There’s loads of features down the right-hand colum from most recent entries to recent comments. It’s not a very old blog, having started in October 2003, but what is there is A-grade stuff, but I’d love to see a design that reflects the nature of the site a little more.

I got a little confused to begin with as there’s no mention made of the fact that there seems to be more than one author at this blog – Morgan and Rachel, though the creator of the blog is clearly Morgan.

Now about the content. Alright, it’s better than expected. I checked out the “About Me” section but had to laugh upon reading the first sentence…

“My name is Morgan Daly. I am 24 years old and I have some ideas on how I would like my/our to look and how we are going to get there.”

Our what? Morgan, your bio needs fixing! It’s all important in the blog such as this.

So, reading the bio and the information page, we find out that Morgan felt he had to share his ideas with the rest of the world about his views for world peace and general huggy-feeliness. Very noble, and a very different way of approaching the topic of peace. Morgan concentrates on ways to achieve peace and not just the fact that he wants peace.

What I truly liked about this site was that there is no pushing. It’s not all “I am right, you are wrong, nyah nyah nyah” which is quite commonplace with some of the blogs I’ve read with a peace theme. Morgan puts his thoughts to the reader and then leaves them for the reader to decide on whether or not they agree. That is truly admirable. Morgan has literally said that he is critiquing the Peace Movement. He’s not entirely happy with it at the moment, he wants things to change and he encourages that change. There is no browbeating and I think that will really appeal to his audience and make World Peace One a very popular site, especially if it continues in this strain. Well done.World Peace One

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