Review 2505

In the mind of Laquidara has classified itself as an entertainment blog. Obviously with a name of In the mind, I figured this would be a daily thoughts sort of weblog with a twist. I was right… sort of. The twist part never became apparent, but the daily thoughts were definitely there.

The weblog itself is easy to read. Each month’s archives were filled with the right amount of entries to keep me entertained, and not bore me. The topics range from politics to jokes to anything the author thinks you will find interesting. He tends to write a post and link to something more for each post; be it a picture, a link to another site, or a movie.

The design of the site looks like a modified template, but I am not sure where he got it from. We have a standard two column layout and an interesting choice of colors (dark red, orange, white, and a dark grey). While this doesn’t do anything for the weblog, it doesn’t hurt it either.

The original posts of the weblog were very political mainly focusing on the war in Iraq. As time went on however, he started to change gears to more entertaining topics. There are still political posts but they are more spread out. While I am glad the weblog has started to take a new direction, it sort of makes it hard to define. Personally I enjoyed every post except the political ones. I don’t see a need to mix and match topics that are not related. I really think the author should focus on one thing, and go with that.

Overall I thought In the mind of Laquidara was a good read. Nothing really grabbed me as a must read, but I am still glad I did read it. As I said previously, a little bit more of a focus and this weblog can really go places. I enjoyed my time reading this weblog, and I think you will too.
In the mind of Laquidara