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With a blog being hosted by a and a title of American Individual, I immediately thought this would be the blog about an American in the UK. Oh how I was wrong, for the most part.

The blog is written by an American, he just isn’t in the UK. So not too bad, I was half right. Tony is the blog’s author. He is involved with a lot of different things, but mainly the entertainment industry. His fingers are in music, acting, and art, as well as other things. This blog talks all about those.

The design of the site is a standard two column layout, with an original header. The colors he uses to seperate the columns and the header (olive green and a complimenting yellow) are not found anywhere else in the site unfortunately. Because the site is hosted by a company, there is of course an ad banner at the top of the site. I hardly noticed it once I started digging into the blog.

The blog itself is easy to read, but a pain to navigate. The only options you have for reading the archives are a “previous and next page” link at the bottom of each page, or by clicking on a specific date in the calendar. I was really dissapointed that I could not browse an entire month’s worth of archives at a time, and that the calendar function of navigating between months, doesn’t change the posts to that month.

The only extra to this site is an about page which gives a nice little bit of information. I wish that he had links to his Freestyle Records (which I enjoyed reading about the progress of) or to his art. He mentions posting things to other sites, and direct links from his blog to those would be really cool.

Overall I enjoyed my time here. My biggest complaint is about the archive naviagation and how it really isn’t there. The topics of the blog are interesting and will keep you entertained. While most blogs give you the same drivel of stuff, Tony stays away from that, and focuses on specific topics. This is a refreshing new entry into the blogging world.american individual

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