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Tony, who posts under the pseudonym TriPolarProduce, appears to be making his first entrance, new as of July 2003 on this site, into the blogging ring found all of the World Wide Web. Hosted by, which is apparently yet another publishing “platform for all those looking to publish hassle-free on the internet with a Weblog”, the layout of the site isn’t one that’s been worn into the ground by other blogging tools. The gray, green, yellow, and red colors that were chosen compliment each other, making for an aesthetically pleasant appearance.

A “more about me” section is available by following a link from the main page of the site, and here, readers can learn a great deal more about Tony. The “about page” has a section where authors list their interests and hobbies, which in turn allow one to discover more weblogs with authors that have those same interests and hobbies. While this feature is used readily with other various journal sites, the information provided by Tony does allow readers to get a valid idea of what they will soon be reading.

The archival method chosen for “Where Life Meets Life” is daily, and navigating through the months and days of the journal is done easily by the calendar on the top right hand side of weblog. Starting from the beginning, which for this site was July 29, 2003, Tony jumps right in with a story of what just happened to him a couple of days prior. This particular story, discussing an experience at an Open Mike night, sets the precedence for a good portion of this weblog.

As his “about” page indicates, Tony hosts open mike nights from time to time, and seems to always have experiences he deems worth of sharing with readers. In these writings, readers certainly find clearly written paragraphs describing the details that seem to pull the scene at hand perfectly enough to grasp the concepts or ideas that Tony conveys.

The topics Tony writes about aren’t topics that necessarily fall as common knowledge to most people. He talks a lot about his escapades as an open mike host or an MC, and talks a lot about his plans for his future in the creative/entertainment industry. Reading about the way his ideas unfold, however, is definitely both interesting and somewhat inspiring to any type of reader.

Like with the majority of weblogs, readers will find things they can connect with when reading “When Life Meets Life”, but others will find they have nothing remotely in common with Tony. This is definitely a weblog worth looking into, and at least checking back in with from time to time to see how his success is coming along.

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