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My initial thoughts on visiting Cube Reflections for the first time were totally different to my thoughts on leaving. I know people say that first impressions count, but sometimes when you hang around for a little longer you find things that are better than those first impressions. This is definitely a blog where the reader should linger before coming to any conclusions.

The second part of the name describes the weblog better than the first in my opinion. The witty well-written posts that have been added to this site since January 2003 mostly fall into a category that we could call ‘reflections on life’ and are in no way restricted to thoughts on the anonymous author’s work life. Although a personal blog, don’t be fooled into thinking that it will only be interesting to read if you think you know the writer or have a similar job to him, as this site will have a far broader appeal.

Although this is a blogspot hosted site, the design is different from the usual template-based selections of many. Don’t be fooled by the choice of heading font and picture though as this appears to be selected because of personal taste rather than because they compliment the blog style. Unfortunately, the layout doesn’t work quite so well in Mozilla Firebird as it might in other browsers, but the posts were still readable so I wasn’t too bothered.

Other than the blog and a smattering of links to other sites that the author is keen on, there isn’t much else here. Not that there needs to be though, as this site isn’t about photos and the writer could hardly maintain his anonymity with another page all about him, so it helps to focus the reader on the main page and the archives.

Cube Reflections is an entertaining read which I’d have no problem recommending. Pop along now and dip into the December posts to get yourself aquainted. Definitely worth a second look.Cube Reflections

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