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When I first saw the title of this site “You know how you do”, I was instantly reminded of that movie, That Thing You Do (you know the Tom Hanks one). Just like the movie, the title gives absolutely no clue as to what the site is about. No worries, I thought to myself, a challenge.

The site itself is a standard Blogger template, with basically no alteration. I know it’s simple and all, but I really think a Blogger template with a little TLC looks about a million times better. The site is neat and tidy and easy to read, one of the bonuses to using Blogger, but lacks character. There was also no “About Me” section, or anything of the sort. So when you start reading, you kind of jump in having no idea what the writer is about or where she is coming from.

The blog is personal in nature, leaving anyone outside of the group of people discussed lost and basically having no idea who is who or what is going on. The writer is obviously very passionate about her topics, however, when you don’t know the people you are reading about, and don’t know them any better by the time you’re done reading, it’s hard for you to care as much. That being said, it is quite apparent the writer has an audience in mind – those close to her in her personal life. This was proven by the word for word posting of emails and phone conversations.

The links in the site all work, although there are very few of them besides the archives, so other then the blog there isn’t much else to check out. The only issue I had was some of the older posts have some issues with punctuation – common when posting from Word into Blogger, which makes it a bit hard to read. The newer posts however are fine.

The site itself was well written, and overall well done, it was just hard to get into which I think is standard of any blog that deals mainly with a personal life. I think with perhaps an addition such as an About Me page to let people get to know the characters in the story, or at least the writer a bit better this blog would be something every reader could get into.
You know how you do

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