Review 2481

They have a pug. A pug! I want a pug too! Finnster is so cute!

Oh? Oh. Ahem. I’m supposed to be reviewing the blog, aren’t I? Okay. 11 out of 5. Because they have a pug.

Just kidding. Here’s the proper review:

When I first arrived at All Day & All Night I was slightly disturbed by the expanse of bright yellow that slashed across my screen. Frowning, I waited as the header graphic loaded (pretty, colourful, not overdone) and then waited a few moments more for the blog to appear. It seems my initial concerns were unnecessary.

The overall design of the blog is a bit plain, on a familiar layout (though slightly tweaked) but well presented and very easy to read. The yellow is not as bright as I first thought and it was easy on the eyes to get through much of the entries. There was nowhere to leave comments for any of the entries though – I have no idea if this is because there was no facility for comments or if the facility was down (as is often the case with out-sourced commenting/feedback systems). I’d have to say that the blog is actually quite minimalist in the little extras that come in the side column. There are a few tidbits as to what music the writer is enjoying and what books she’s been reading. There’s what I assume is supposed to be a random picture of the pug which is subject to change and a relatively conservative smattering of links to other places on the World Wide Web. Overall, I think the blog could benefit from a slight redesign, but it’s not offensive as it is now.

About the blog content itself; Erin is not what I consider to be a frantic blogger. Unlike some, she seems to write just when she has something amusing or thoughtful to say, this means that there’s a span of about 10 days or more between some entries, but that’s okay.

The blog was actually started in March 2003, and since there was no “About Me” details on the blog in plain sight, I skipped to the first entries in hopes of finding out why the blog was started, if not who was actually doing the writing. I was instantly intrigued by the information I found in that entry that I went and grabbed myself a cup of tea, the cookies I got from my secret santa and read everything. Fortunately the blog isn’t all that long and Erin isn’t a wordy person, so it was relatively easy to get through in one sitting. But I giggled and chortled and nodded my way through the whole thing, grinning at the antics of the pug and his owner who hale from somewhere near the George Washington Bridge.

You won’t find any rants about politics or or world injustices at All Day & All Night. What you will find though, is some great little posts about the life and times of Erin – and more specifically, Finnster the M.P.P.P (Mega Pampered Puppy Pug, I think I got that right…)

Personally I think it was worth reading the whole blog for this one entry. Precious! Thanks so much for sharing, Erin!All Day & All Nite

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