Review 2477

Before I even got to the site I laughed. What can I say? I love the word drivel. Once I got to the site, all I was thinking was My Big Fat Greek Wedding (check out the pics on the right, they’re classic). So while this is another blogspot blog, which before I started reviewing I was none to fond of, this is another well done blog. The pictures throughout the site are a welcome personal touch to an otherwise standard design.

The writing in My Drivel is a good mix of posts about current life, news, fun quizzes, and stories from the writers past interjected with pictures for those with a short attention span (such as myself). The posts were written with a lot of feeling and even more humour. I think almost every post had me chuckle. Early on in the blog there are very few posts, which was explained in the About Me page. This brings me to what I think is the coolest reason to have a blog – so family (kids, grandkids) can hear stories of their family they may otherwise never hear, and based on what I read – they should hear.

The design was a standard blogger template, easy to read and nothing over the top. All the links within the posts work, although just a side note, I think all bloggers should warn readers of pop up ads on links they post – something I myself am guilty of when I get the link with a pop up blocking browser. The thing I found weird, was there were no permalinks, It wasn’t a detrimental thing at all, just strange. That being said, there weren’t a lot of “features” on the site. The About Me page however is a must read. I howled laughing at it. It reminded me of the banter between me and my best friend.

Overall, this site was a joy to read. I love blogs that can make me laugh, and as well make me understand. I felt as though I knew the characters enough to follow a story, and the pics of his cute kids didn’t hurt. My Drivel

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