Review 2476

When I first entered this blog, I really didn’t know what to expect, judging by the title. I did notice that this weblog was submitted for a re-review. When the page loaded, there was a little banner above the posts, saying that the blog had moved with a link to the new web address.

The old address was on “Blogspot”, and the new one was the authors own domain. The one thing that kind of puzzled me was why Charlie “the author”, had submitted his weblog for a re – review. One of the reasons being is, both the old and the new weblog looked the same. Same lay-out, same colors ect.

The weblog itself had a 3 column lay-out which I was never very keen on myself. In the left hand column, there were several links which were very humourous. There was an “About Me” and an “About This” links. They both made me laugh.

After I got through several of his links, which he had both on the right and left side panels, I started reading several of the archives. His archives dated back to June 2003.. Each entry was entertaining in it’s own way. What may be amusing for some readers, may not be amusing for others. I went through several archives, and there were only a few entries I really laughed at.

There was one entry where he talked about a time where his door key broke off in his lock . He tried to get it out by taking the lock apart with a screw driver, but it didn’t work. Then he thought of using WD-40, until he realized he didn’t have any so he used olive oil instead. But all he got out of that was a slippery door knob and a dog wanting to lick it. Now that is one of the few entries I chuckled at. I just didn’t find a lot of the posts amusing.

Now for the design, It is a very simple blue and white template. As I said earlier on, there are links on both sides and the entries are in the middle. To me , some of the links and the archives are not spaced enough. The entries are very well written and very easy to read. The posts are also quite long. I feel the design could use some work. If you have time to spare, drop by and pay Charlie a visit. Like I said, what some people may find humourous, others may not. I just didn’t get much out of it.Where the Hell Was I?

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