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Well, we know it isn’t a blog, per se. There’s not much here, but I’ll comment on the site as-is.

First, it does look dated. The black background with brightly-colored type was often used for emphasis years ago, but today I think it detracts from the validity of the message. If the author wants his work taken seriously, I suggest he consider changing that. A visible hit counter is also a last-century website detail.

Links should be easy to read and active. Most people aren’t going to bother copying and pasting, and in this case, the dark type makes them easy to ignore.

I wonder about the reasoning behind the posting of a chapter at a time on an occasional basis. I can understand why one would want to serialize a book, because it’s a good way to develop a following, but in this case, a regular schedule would probably be better. I once considered serializing a book of mine. I polled my newsletter subscribers, and they felt that they’d enjoy a serialization, as long as it was on a regular schedule they could count on. It didn’t matter to them whether it was weekly or bi-weekly, but any interval longer than that would be too long for them. They felt they’d forget to visit the site, even with e-mailed updates.

As to the content; it’s hard to make an informed judgement with so little to read. I will say that the existing content would benefit from a good editing, since there are many mistakes of punctuation, spelling and grammar. There may be some good ideas brewing; there may be a simple rehash of oft-repeated ideas. Only time can answer that, and after I’ve read the full book I’ll know better.

I hope the site owner has found my suggestions helpful. There are possibilities here. If presented in the right way, this site could develop a following with some active discussion, once the message board is active.

Doomsday America

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