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Everything Sucks is one of those strange blogs that just seems to click with me. It takes a rare talent for someone to write and make the audience feel as though the writer is actually talking to them, or says something truly odd but that makes perfect sense. It also helps that the blogger has the same odd sense of dry writing humour that reduces me to mad cackling in the middle of my working day, and such a writer is that of Everything Sucks.

Unfortunately there’s not much you can gather about the person behind the blog other than his penchant for amusing prose and anecdotes. We know how old he is, that his teeth are brown, and from his latest entry, that he has trouble with his vocabulary, but there’s no real hints as to who he is. Normally, that would really bug me but in the case of this blog I don’t really mind. The anonymity adds to the entertainment – no wait – I should have guessed, he calls himself “Smivey”, he just doesn’t make a big deal about it. If course, if I truly wanted to find out who he was, I would have emailed him and ask a few questions, but that takes all the guesswork and fun out of reading the achieves.

The blog is about a year old, and entries are fairly frequent and varying in length and definitely varying in subject, from amusing tidbits of his job to the hotel room he rented through (and he even discusses Will Ferrell’s teeth, for goodness sake!). It’s a bit disappointing that the blog isn’t dressed up a little more. I’ve seen some wicked stuff done with Blogspot layouts, I think that Everything Sucks would benefit with a layout that represented the style and humour of the blog and it’s writer. As it stands presently, it’s a little dull, but hey, maybe that’s what the writer is going for? You know, so you concentrate on his entries and not any spiffy layout? Anyway, apart from a small list of other sites Smivey visits, there’s not much else to keep the audience entertained in the way of webrings, cliques or anything else for that matter.


We alllllll suck!

We all suck!

We drive SUVs and trucks!

We get in your hair

and we don’t care.

We’re just moronic schmucks!

Did I mention he has a talent for poetry? Or at least re-writing lyrics to much-loved show tunes (try singing the above to the tune of “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast). That came from his first anniversary entry.

So did this:

“…One year ago, on this very day, I had a concept. A concept that I believed would turn the blog community on its ear. It did nothing of the sort.”

I beg to differ. He made me laugh. I personally think he’s a one of those bright comical stars of the blog universe – a little one, but definitely worthwhile investigating a little more. Everything Sucks is a worthwhile read.

Everything Sucks

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