Review 2466

My first impression of this site were not entirely favourable, I was immediately struck by a design which wasn’t exactly kind on the eye, but is a fairly individual adaptation of a typical blogspot template. After I had recovered from the clashing colour scheme and busy background I had a quick look around the site, quickly discovering there was no personal info. I admit this isn’t necessarily a requirement for a good blog but I strongly believe from a readers perspective it is nice to have a little background info on the person behind the blog. This in mind I headed off to the first page of archives hoping there may be some introductory information there, I was to be disappointed but I hit on something which was to set a standard for what I was to find in the rest of the blog ‘Soon to come will be some crazy ass stories from some really wacky tobacco.’ Indeed.

Luker’s first post wasn’t big on the information beyond that, but it was quickly brought to my attention that half of these posts were probably written by someone high on ‘wacky tobacco’, at least some of his philosophies are indicative of this. He tries to be deep, he even tries to put forward some interesting thoughts, but they are often ill channelled and not really adequately thought through or explained. Perhaps if he left the ‘wacky tobacco’ alone while blogging he might actually have something really interesting to say for himself in a way which is easy to follow and understand. Even short postings can become rapidly annoying with too many ‘LMFAO’ and ‘OMG, OMG wow, wow, wow, holy shit, hahahahahahahahaha’, or maybe I am just in the wrong generation.

The design itself is as I said very bright, which I personally find a little distracting, but this is more a point of preference that any serious criticism. Its based on a standard blogspot template, with just enough alterations to make it more individual and I believe reflective of the person behind the blog – that is created by someone high. But its easy enough to navigate, the choice of weekly archives over monthly suiting the length of entries and posting consistency. There are some interesting links in the left hand menu, several of which were unfortunately found to be broken at the time of writing, either by code error or otherwise.

The style of writing, content and design leads me to believe that this is a site which will appeal to a very restricted audience. The author makes an attempt at deep entries, but his style of writing is such it leaves me more than a little disinterested in what he has to say, but then maybe I am just of the wrong generation. I can see this site appealing to teens, or those within his own social circle. It is for these reasons I award this site a 2.

Luker’s Landmine