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Before I even jumped into the weblog, I took it upon myself to see what else Gary, the author and creator of, had to offer readers and anyone else that were to stumble upon this site.

Gary’s “about the author” section is set up in an interview type format, and covers everything from where he grew up to the ever-pressing question of boxers or briefs. Gary certainly doesn’t leave much out as he covers nearly aspect of his life, which gives readers a great idea of who they’re about to start reading about on a regular basis.

The section marked “Coming of Age” features an assortment of school event and growing up pictures of Gary and his friends. When visiting the Club Reviews section, look out for some animated .gifs and a little background music action while Gary gives his opinions of various clubs that he’s visited. His “My DVDs” section also has the nice feature of the movie title, an image of the DVD case, Gary’s rating of the particular movie, the genre, along with whether or not that particular DVD has an Easter egg hidden somewhere.

There were several more links along the left sidebar that led to other places Gary’s store information – such as a link to the 2000 Election under the heading “The Art of Politics”, a welcome video that plays in Real Player, his resume, and several different links that lead to different photo galleries Gary has put together.

The layout that’s used looks like so many of the other weblogs on the ‘net – the actual weblog portion of the site in a center table, with a table on either side featuring various links, menus, etc. It doesn’t appear as if Gary uses any particular weblog tool (i.e. Movable Type, Blogger, etc.), but instead updates the site manually.

I have a strong feeling that anyone that actually knows Gary in person would find his site to be convenient to keep track of what he’s up to and what’s been going on in his life as of late. However, being someone that’s never known Gary, the sometimes infrequent updates make it a bit difficult to feel connected to him. The posts are short, but right to the point of what’s going on in Gary’s life. He often covers such topics as the media, the entertainment world, and many times he touches on how his work in the pharmaceutical sales industry is going.

With archives dating back to Feb 2000, readers do get the opportunity to experience a lot with Gary, providing they go back that early to read; however, it’s a bit hard to come into the site and just be able to feel “right at home” with this site.

If I were to have found on a whim by just surfing right to it, I don’t think it would be a site that I would come back to daily, and that’s just because Gary doesn’t update daily. If you’re looking for a site that’s updated just every so often, this isn’t a bad one to go ahead and add to your list.

gary holifield

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