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The load time for this site was a huge pain. I have no idea why, but even with a cable connection, I waited for a few minutes each time I visited the site just for the text to load. The gray background image came up instantly, and while it’s a nice looking background, it was frustrating waiting and waiting and waiting for the actual weblog to load.

Once everything finally loaded, I noticed a banner at the top, which appeared to be somewhat of an original creation. “Hypocrisy & Hypotheses – an acute angle in an obtuse world” was the phrase on the banner, with images of a protractor and pencil included in the banner. The color combination the author has chosen of a gray background with white text is a nice one.

The archives of Hypocrisy & Hypotheses started back in late July of 2003, where Alex, the author, explains the start of this weblog. It seems as if Hypocrisy & Hypotheses switched from Blogger to pMachine as the blogging tool of that choice, and during that switch, the archives that were published via Blogger weren’t joined in with the new.

The entries that Alex made were really all over the board. I was able to finally find someone that appreciated the humor in David Spade movie Joe Dirt as much as I did, read someone else’s reasons why they’re finding it so hard to just sit down and write a novel, and even guest posts by Alex’s teenage son, known around this weblog as Boomer. All of the entries, regardless of what they pertained to, were easy to read. Some more posts were more relevant to casual readers, and there were also posts that would probably hit home more to people that know Alex and his family on a personal basis.

In the biggest part of the posts, the author uses several hyperlinks on just about anything that can be linked up to an outside website. This feature works out great for topics that might not be as well-known to random visitors, allowing them to read more about what Alex is discussing. Another added bonus to each post is a random quote. For the first couple of months of Hypocrisy & Hypotheses, quotes by different people from Tommy Smothers to Henry David Thoreau are posted at the bottom of each entry. As days go by, however, this becomes a thing that only seems to happen on a random basis.

Aside from the weblog, there’s even more to keep yourself busy. Alex has several things linked along the side bar that can be found within this particular domain. The Windows XP logon screens he’s created himself and photo galleries were very entertaining. There were also links to archives, the most recent posts, and other weblogs Alex frequents.

Hypocrisy & Hypotheses is a very good weblog. Alex posts regularly, his writing is easy to read, and the topics he discusses are timely and entertaining. I would definitely suggest stopping by Hypocrisy & Hypotheses to see how much you find an interest in at this weblog.

Hypocrisy & Hypotheses

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