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I have just read on the site that the author submitted it for review way back in September, so not wishing for him to wait any longer, I’ll crack on. :o)

The site has quite a nice title and the design is pretty straight forward- a Movable Type two column layout with some appropriate linkage and a nifty little titlebar at the top. No “About Me” page though, which means half a point deducted automatically! I could see that the site had a comic book theme to it, which gives it some direction, though it was nice to discover that this is not overpowering.

Now, link sites can be difficult to review sometimes because the content is primarily supplied by someone else. To make a weblog of this sort stand out from the crowd then, the author needs to either provide some great, original links or the links should be embellished with the author’s opinions and made their own.

The author of Alter Egos has accomplished this to a certain extent. I clicked on a fair few links during my review and the subjects covered were humour, sci fi and technology, a few games to play and of course comic books. It probably helped that I have an interest in most of these subjects anyway and a few of the links I had seen before. I should imagine that most people could find SOMETHING here for their enjoyment though and to raise a smile.

The links could have certainly been embellished a bit more though. Usually there was just enough information for the reader to be able to decide whether the link would be of interest or not and in one or two cases, not even that. Blogs can be a great way of getting in to the mind of the author, and I never really felt I did this during my review. A few movie and book reviews were provided which did help and the use of pictures definitely improved the posts too. Some sources were used quite frequently though, which doesn’t always make for variety.

Overall then, this is worth site is definitely worth a visit as there are some very entertaining links here, though the site would probably only have lasting appeal to the comic book fan.

Alter Egos

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