Review 2458 is a fairly typical personal weblog, with the particular bonus of having a lot of material to read through and extensive photographs too. The domain name did not give me any information about the site itself, so I didn’t ponder too much and headed straight on in. The design of the site is certainly functional- it’s a movable type blog which is technically sound- at least I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. It could use maybe a bit more colour, or maybe a nice title bar to brighten it up, but it is certainly not inoffensive.

I was pleased to see an About Me page which I went to straight away and was given a fairly extensive life history of the author. This was a slight premonition of what I was to find later on in the blog- one thing that Michael is, is thorough.

On to the weblog content itself then and like I said before, most of the posts are very long and some could almost be short stories. The writing is very readable though and the posts make for a relaxing read. The archives are divided in to both categories and date, so I read the first couple of months and then dotted around the various categories. Michael has a lot to say on various issues- the bigger ones like religion and family life, as well as a lot of in depth technology postings, book and movie reviews and anecdotes about his everyday life.

All the posts are entertaining and interesting, some thought provoking. There are also loads of photographs to look through- Michael recently went on a cycle trip which was covered both with a travelogue and accompanying photographs. He also has a moblog for pictures taken with his mobile phone.

Although this weblog may not stand out from the crowd with regard to any particular aspect, there is certainly loads of material to be found here, all well presented and written, which will keep the avid blog reader happy for hours, maybe even