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My first thoughts on Breaking Windows was, as a computer weblog, was I the best person to write a review? It is described as ‘A look at Microsoft Windows XP from a Mac user’s perspective’ and so, not being a techie or a Mac user, I wondered if it might be better to leave this review for someone else. Then I started to read and realised that I might actually be a good person to review it because I wouldn’t get bogged down with the technicalities of the entries, and there actually looked like there’d be a fair bit in there that I’d actually understand too!

The blog itself has been going since January 2003. It is powered by Moveable Type and has been very well organised using the categories feature so that certain themes can be accessed readily. Each post is very well written yet also accessible, peppered with everything from software commentary to interesting and useful links. There are a fantastic number of entries too, giving the new reader plenty to delve into right from the start. On the home page there is also a poll which allows the user to instantly become involved with the weblog. Topics covered by this are often fun as well as technical.

The design of Breaking Windows is simple and easy to read. The light text on a dark background is very easy on the eye and the colour scheme is relevant to the logo used in the banner without becoming at all garish. The site is also very easy to navigate.

Apart from the blog, the rest of the site mainly consists of the archives and a smattering of relevant links. Although there is not currently a completed ‘about’ page for Breaking Windows, the first ever post in the weblog serves the purpose just as well, providing a nice background for what follows. There is also a small section in the sidebar to give readers more information on the site’s author, Ken Edwards, with a few links to more information if it’s required. If only all weblog authors were this concise!

I am very glad that I chose to review Breaking Windows as I feel I have discovered a gem that I may have otherwise overlooked because of the subject matter. This is a very well put together weblog that fits perfectly into the computer category and would make a great addition to anyone’s bookmark list.Breaking Windows

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