Review 2449

Reading “:Dave:” was an interesting insight into what appears to be the life of a high school kid. Reading the news, watching TV, and listening to the radio, you get a soured impression of the state of our youth in the world. It’s refreshing to see a “normal” person, going through life without the hang-ups of the average adult, and without the preconceptions the years of living in the world tend to thrust upon us.

The majority of the entries in the site are short quick thoughts of the author. Occasionally, it’s just “I’m bored” or words to that effect. Strangely enough, I actually enjoyed the short five line post about the Pizza Hut delivery which, after an hour, had not yet arrived. The P.S. on the post was that it had just been delivered as soon as the post had been published, and how although the pizza was cold, the wings were great. I think I had a little flashback to my high school and college days.

Coming back to present day, I really enjoyed the first look at the site. The picture at the top of the page really says a lot. At first, I simply thought it was a nice image, and then I started to read. I realized the picture really fits well. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I’d like to think so. The color choices and layout make it easy to read and navigate. The overall feel of it is somewhat static, but not jarring. You feel like you can get a nice little trip in the Way-Back Machine.

This site is a nice jaunt down memory lane. Every post will help those of us who have graduated from school, remember the good and bad times, and help us to realize we survived, and so will :Dave:.

By the way, Dave, get the PowerBook. You won’t regret it.