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I laughed at the photo of the boy!! It made me smile which is always a good start when you first click onto a journal! Then I noticed the nice neat boxes and was struck by how organised it all looked. Then I saw how long the list of links was and felt abit overwhelmed!!

This is a personal blog with an insight into Lee’s mind. It is exactly as it says, a journal. You can share and read Lee’s thought and feeling on everything from her packing up smoking and drinking, to what she thinks of awards shows!!! Follow her as she turns from nice to a cigarette starved woman on a mission! Her about me page suggests that she values her privacy, but I think that you get a good idea of the woman behind the blog with her entries.

The design is nice and simple. Clean cut and easy to use and read. There is a list of her more notable blog entries, the Apartment Guide is a must!! Then you get a list of her archives, and then a list of her blog categories. You can go in and read all her rants which I found quite good fun!! I just hope her mum sees sense and removes the picture!! There are alot of links though, I did find these slightly overwhelming, but she is obviously just a popular girl!

I think that the categories are the best ever bonus feature. I liked going through and reading Lee’s rants, then going back and reading all the humour entries. I really liked the feature, and it gave me a chance to find out alot more about the author. The clean cut and easy to use design was a feature.

I liked this blog because posts made me laugh, made me think and made me feel in tune with Lee. I liked the way that it reflected my idea of a blog, a personal insight into someone else life. The real nitty gritty warts and all entries of one persons life. I think that I will probably pop back, once every so often, just to see if her mum moves the dreaded photo and to see how the giving up smoking goes!! Best of luck Lee!
Malarkey, Tom-Foolery and Guff

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