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When I first arrived at The Bachelor Blog it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust. With a bright yellow background, blue links, and red and black text it’s a little harsh. The second thing I noticed was a large blurb at the top of the page announcing that The Bachelor Blog had recently been featured in Psychology Today magazine. I searched for some sort of biographical information on the author (an “About Me” page) but could find none, so I jumped over to the magazine write-up thinking it would give me some idea of what I was in for. What I read intrigued me. Psychology Today had the following to say:

Self-Absorbed single guy gives online dating (and bachelors and, for that matter, men in general) a very bad name. What women fear men are really like.

I wasn’t sure I would like what I was about to read but I figured that it had to be interesting. I’m not easily offended. I was pretty sure women were going to get some harsh treatment here, but that didn’t bother me. If it’s done right, written well, and above all funny, crude humor can make for a fantastic blog. I hoped that was what I would find in The Bachelor Blog.

I was wrong.

The Bachelor Blog is a site with an identity problem. It doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s clear from reading through the archives (beginning in April of 2002) that the author is trying to present himself as some sort of player, stringing along multiple women by cheating, lying, and manipulating. He strives to create something cool and humorous (albeit coarse) and perhaps if he had a flair for writing, a decent sense of humor, or a spell checker, he could have pulled it off.

As it is, the site is flat and lifeless. Instead of a boorishly funny take on the dating scene, The Bachelor Blog is just plain boring. The entries are poorly written with many misspellings and grammatical errors. A few mistakes here and there are no problem, but these occur so frequently and are so awkward that it makes many entries downright difficult to read. The never-ending procession of women runs together after a bit until you can’t tell any of them apart anymore, even though the Bachelor is kind enough to provide a guide to the rotating cast of characters.

The author designed the site himself and although it’s not the worst blog I’ve laid eyes on it could definitely stand a few improvements. The colors are harsh on the eyes and there are some long stretches where the author uses different fonts, colors, and font sizes for each entry. Combine these with the previously mentioned careless errors and boring subject matter and reading The Bachelor Blog becomes a frustrating experience.

If the author concentrated a little less on slapping himself on the back and a little more on crafting well-written posts, The Bachelor Blog could turn into something interesting. Until then, it’s merely one more wannabe in a sea of vastly superior blogs.The BachelorBlog

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