Review 2441

First off, I have to warn you about Damn The World. This site is offensive. Not just a little bit either, but full blown, I want to piss off people, type of offensiveness. Now this wasn’t my first expectation with this site, but I did expect a lot of rants when I would get to the blog.

The weblog itself is very new. It just started in September, and well has a lot of ground to cover if they really want to get their name out in the blogging community.

Even with the infancy of the weblog, we have a weblog that does what it is supposed to do; offend almost everyone. Posts range from Boycotting places, people, countries, to Movie Reviews, and well there are worse things that I cannot even mention.

One of the more interesting things about this site, is you have to read the entire post to understand it. Yes, the posts are obnoxious, and talk about things that you normally would not talk about. But, on quite a few posts I kept saying to myself that this couldn’t be true, it just can’t be. And of course the last line of the post explains it very clearly.

The quality of the writing is just average. The authors do like to swear a lot, and use all kinds of phrases within their posts. However that isn’t a bad thing. It goes along with the site and the goal of it.

The design is nothing to worship as it is a basic two column design. The logo unfortunately does not go with the archives, but then again, there are only one month’s worth of archives. Each post has at least one image with a caption of some sort to sort of help set the mood for the post itself. I found a fair number of these funny, but then a fair number of them were repulsive.

Honestly I could not justify giving this site above a 1.5 at this point in time. The site is still too new to be able to do much of anything. Granted, what they have tried to do is for the most part accomplished. While the small amount of entries did their job, they just didn’t do anything to keep me coming back. I have seen sites similar to this one, but they execute the humor and the posts a lot better. This site is not for the weak of heart, and should not be viewed at work, or around little kids. I also cannot say I would visit this site again. For this site to really bring back an audience, they need to put more work into the look and feel of the site.

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