Review 2441

Damn the (insert any given object here). The number of times I’ve probably uttered that exact same phrase under my breath is impossible to count. Damn the World isn’t something I’ve ever felt the need to say, but with the topics addressed throughout this weblog, I’d say it’s certainly a title that fits.

I would venture to say the contributors of this site are going to be hard pressed to find readers that won’t be offended by at least one post that’d been made. Catholics, French, Canadians, Americans, and nearly anyone else that hasn’t been mentioned will find at some point in this weblog’s early existence that they, too, have been put in the spotlight of demeaning comments and often overly exaggerated hatred. But that’s just the way Damn the World operates.

The authors’ take on the new signs created by the US Department of Homeland Security was one of my favorite entries and probably one of the least offensive. This entry also serves as an example of the types of things they touch on here. While the latest current events is generally the subject matter at hand, it’s not exactly a site that’s going to be providing readers with anything even remotely close to an unbiased opinion.

While reading this weblog, it’s easy to see that the time that was put into the writing and finding pictures on the web that offending captions can be added doesn’t nearly match the time that was taken on the design of the site. It’s a basic Movable Type template with nothing more than a different banner image added to the top. Design is something that I’m almost certain isn’t something Ryan and Sparky, the authors, are too concerned about.

The authors here do have points to make, but unfortunately, it seems like to actually find that point you have to wade through the frequent tirade that diminishes any hope of credibility in the writing to find it. Rants can be entertaining, sometimes even informative. The entries, here, though, which all typically fall into the Rants category in one fashion or another, aren’t really worth digging through to find the real meaning. It takes a huge amount of patience and understanding to be able to read through each entry without finding yourself to be sometimes fumingly angry what’s being said, and that doesn’t make for a weblog many people will want to come back and visit.

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