Review 2440

One of the problems with political blogs is that the author’s bias frequently overshadows the actual issues being discussed. Normally, if you want to see a topic examined from all sides, you have to jump from conservative blogger to liberal blogger to libertarian blogger and back again. Begging To Differ solves that problem.

BDT is a collaborative blog with four authors: two conservatives (Steve and Greg) and two that lean a bit more to the left (Ramar and Mike). The “About” page reveals that the four met online in a Duke basketball forum. Eventually, their discussions turned towards politics and culture and the idea for a blog was born.

Although relatively new (the blog began in July of this year), Begging To Differ is already a substantial site. The authors are prolific and update frequently. Each displays a distinct voice and they are all passionate about their political beliefs. There’s something here for everyone, liberals and conservatives alike. The only requirement for enjoyment? Intelligence and knowledge of current events. BDT doesn’t pander to its readers or dumb down the discussion.

The design of the site is simple and pleasing. A three column layout in blue, grey, and white that looks good in the major browsers puts the focus where it ought to be: on the writing. It’s not the most original I’ve seen, but makes sense for a blog of this nature.

Some very pretty photographs appear here and there and lend a bit of flash to the blog. One of the newer features, the weekly BDT Sunday Comics, is a nice addition. It is a collection of samples from several online comics.

Overall, I found Begging To Differ a well-done political/news blog. The writing is witty and insightful (always a plus), and having such varying political views in one spot is refreshing. For the news from all sides, visit Begging To Differ. Begging To Differ