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Now, normally to start a review off I’d write about my initial instincts about a site. This time I’m going to go back, before I’ve even seen the site. When I saw the title, “Lifes Rich Pageant” my first instinct was to think of Denise Richards and Kirsten Dunst. Thus causing me to think that this blog was going to be a female blog. Until, of course, I went to the site and saw that it belongs to a male blogger. Ah, the perfect example of “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

This blog is what I consider a “junior” blog. Not because it’s written by a teenager, but because it’s so new. The first entry I read happened to be about painted porta-potties. Something completely different and curiously interesting at the same time. What’s more interesting is to read the entry in which he’s gone in search of these potties. The blog itself reads really well. The topics range greatly from different events that the author is participating in or went to see. I doubt I’ve read a more interesting rundown of the summer as this author’s. You’ll laugh, stare at the screen with a “huh?” expression, and still read because it’s worth it.

The design is light font with darker colors. The Arial is a little hard to read, only because it’s such a skinny font, but otherwise the design works well. It’s functional, readable which makes the blog that much more enjoyable.

The author of this blog offers all kinds of fun things to do, even outside of his own blog. There’s a photo gallery that I will admit, I spent a bit of time browsing through. There are cool links to other New York things, which some might find interesting. The archives are completely functional. There’s a small “About Me.” I wish there were a few more tidbits of information available, but you learn a lot about the author through the entries of the blog.

This blog is a personal blog, without a doubt. You’ll find bits and pieces of this author’s life throughout this blog. You don’t have to actually know him to find it worth reading, but you might not be interesting in the same activities. He’s a good writer, but I suppose that someone who is aspiring to be a writer would have to practice each chance he has. I’d recommend this blog as an occasional reader. If you don’t enjoy this blog, you’re bound to find something else through this site that is enjoyable as well.Lifes Rich Pageant

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