Review 2437

It was a a very pastel site with a small text box in the middle. It sat nicely in the middle of my screen and it was a clutter free first screen. It looked very subtle with very subtle colours. A few links across the top and nothing else to distract from the main text box.

The weblog is relatively new, July this year, so there are not that many entries. We hear about the fact that Suha has lost her job, got a kitten and see what really lurks inside a prozac capsule! She is obviously a football fan, and makes reference to the ongoing progress of Switzerland. She is having an inner battle and speaks freely about it.

The design is very simple. There are a few links, archives are available. I have to say that I did find the archives slightly frustrating as when I selected one, I then had to reclick the archive button and go through the list again. I could not find a way to prevent this, but maybe I was using it all wrong! There is a gallery but you have to register to see larger images of the photos.

Overall, this site is very easy on the eyes. The actual text box is quite small so you need to have your finger ready on the scroll bar. There is plenty of facts about Suha and her honest writing gives a good insight into her mind. I wish her well with her stay in the clinic and think that this will make an interesting blog to read once it has matured alittle bit. HerStory

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