Review 2433

When I picked this site for review, I didn’t ponder much on the title as “Butterfly Dani” did not give much away, so I soldiered on and clicked on the link to the site itself.

As soon as I entered the site however, I knew I had struck gold. The template is simple and effective yet (presumably) unique and includes a very pretty picture of a butterfly. The content is also aesthetically easy to read with not a single duff link to be found. In the sidebar there are links to photos which the author has taken, including a photo biography, contact details and a link to an archive posting containing a hundred things about her- which it is easy to skim through and also proves informative.

Now this is certainly a personal weblog – there are few links to other sites to be found (with the exception of one or two music links) and all the content relates to the author, her life and her experiences. However, this is personal blogging at its best. The archives go back to March 2003 and I simply started at the front page and worked my way back, engrossed by every single entry. The writing style is easy to read, extremely unpretentious and VERY honest. The author has strong views on certain things which she is not afraid to express in some posts, sometimes getting quite angry, but can also show amazing vulnerability and sensibility in the next. The author is not afraid to cover the big topics either- politics, religion and death are all tackled as well as the more mundane tasks of work, education, boyfriends and cats. Comments are also provided and used by her regular readers, which often enhance the posts.

In summary, I can only say that if you are interested in experiencing the very humanness and expressivity which blogging can provide, all wrapped up in a nice looking site, then this is one for you.butterfly dani

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