Review 2425

I couldn’t help but drop my jaw when I saw this site. It’s actually quite beautifully designed, and while a blog isn’t only what it looks like I’d like to have hopes that the content will complement the design.

As I always tend to do, I started to read this blog from the humble beginnings. I’ve read many good blogs, I’ve stumbled along many other’s that are mediocre blogs, and a number of really bad blogs. This one falls, without a doubt in my mind, into the good blogs category. The first few entries draw in the reader. You find out much more about the author and the tiny bits of his life. The entries read like short stories with an ending that is short and sweet. It leaves you pondering, wondering what you’ll read next. This author’s entries are scattered with all kinds of subjects and while his mind wanders, he generally stays on topic. His entries are interesting and keep the reader involved.

As I said earlier, the design is beautiful. I had no problem being able to manuever through the site and read everything I needed to. The archives all work, and that’s always a good thing. The grey’s work well with the content of the site. This is also a blog that’s designed to be able to be viewed in lower resolutions as well as higher resolutions.

The author offers a small about me with general information. Nothing extravagant, but informative. He also offers some pictures so you can see who you’re reading about. He has a few webrings that he’s a part of and few outgoing links, but not many. There’s not a lot of extras, but the content definately make up for it.

This blog is not meant for the overly religious or homophobic. He talks about cute boys and various different people he’s in “love” with. This author definately talks about his life, often in details, and sometimes in metaphors. He open and candid with his reader and the reader should approach this blog with the same openness. Go, read, and enjoy it for what it’s meant to be, a glimpse into the life of another.And the Universe Giggled

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