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The Mad Dater turned out to be pretty much what I expected – a whole blog dedicated to tales of dating experiences, one night stands, and dissections of relationships. Sometimes there’s thrashing of certain kinds of men too. But it’s all in good fun – TMD is definitely entertaining.

TMD is a woman, just to set things straight. She nicknames the men she dates different varieties of Bastards: Punisher Bastard, Bob Marley Bastard, etc. She knows what and how to give what readers want, juicy parts and all. Reading TMD is a little like reading a more sophisticated tabloid, expect it’s all just about one celebrity. TMD comes across as being slightly wild, always up for some fun and afraid of settling down with one man. All the better for readers who enjoy her mad dating tales.

The design is clean and nice, but the colors and font size are a bit problematic. The words are light blue against a white background and are really small. My opinion is that bigger and darker font would make the site much more enjoyable. After all, this is a site where you want to sit back and throw your head and laugh, whilst I had to really lean forward to read at a reasonable pace. The only image on the site is of a cute version of a gothic-looking girl saying “I can’t decide which eyebrow to pierce.”, which suits the apparently fickle-minded TMD fine enough.

I would recommend TMD to all readers who like reading quirky tales about other people’s relationships. In this genre, TMD is one of the very good. For the sake of the readres, let’s hope she never settles down!

The Mad Dater

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