Review 2422

The title didn’t give much away for this weblog, so I clicked the link and found a standard template which er… also didn’t give much away. Now don’t get me wrong, the template was functional, technically sound and the content easy to read, so no real complaints. The sidebar had links to his friends and the rest of his website and that was it, but then that was all that was needed. On the other hand, the template overall could maybe have done with a little more eye candy to brighten it up a bit. My only other gripe in this respect was that I could not view the author’s profile without registering, which I always think discourages the casual reader.

Anyway, on to the content, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I want to lay my cards on the table now and say that I read nothing like a high percentage of this weblog. Archives go back to January 2002 and the author is VERY prolific. Most of the entries are quite long too and often cover more than one issue. This is where the weblog shines though, and the reason why I gave it a high score. The most recent entries deal with a trip to London where the author took in plays, art and general sight seeing. Going back through the archives, it is easy to see that he is a very broad minded individual, with many tastes and opinions on literature, art, website design and travelling to name but a few. Picking some entries at random, I was always given a glimpse of his personal life as well as views on these wider issues, striking a good balance between the two. The other thing I liked was the fact that the author is an Astrologist by trade (which is the function of the rest of his site) and this colours most of his entries, adding a new dimension to them.

The style of writing is very accessible. The author is literate, intelligent and witty without being patronising or pretentious. He is also keen on using his digital camera which adds a visual element to the posts.

I think most people would find this weblog entertaining to read, as the subject matter is varied enough and the writing style is easy to get on with.

Having said that, I expect the author may be able to explain my affinity for his weblog due to my being a Sagittarius!xenon

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