Review 2421

There isn’t much to say about my initial instinct on this blog. It’s not necessarily plain, but it’s not eye-boggling either. I wasn’t sure about what the title of the blog, “Bleeding Burgandy and Gold,” until after I started to read the earliest entries. It all seems to make sense now, as this is the blog of an avid sports fan. Not just any sport, but football. And not just any team either. This author is a huge Washington Redskins fan.

The blog is in it’s infancy stages as there are only two months worth of entries. However, the month of August is filled with quite a number of entries a day. The problem isn’t that there’s a lack of content because, as I’ve said, there are a ton of entries. The problem is that most of the entries send the reader somewhere else. This blog signed up for a review under the “personal” category, but there’s little that’s actually personalized in those early entries. These entries simply seem like news/links entries with little feedback on the author’s thoughts on the subject matter. As you get further into the Pre-Season the entries become longer and focus more on the feelings and thoughts of the author. Once you get beyond all the football talk there are some movie reviews and other intersting thoughts from this author. If you’re not a huge fan of sports you might find this blog rather boring, and it seems most of the entries revolve around sports of some kind. The blog author follows a direction which is mainly directed in some sports-affiliated direction. The entries, when not sending the reader in another direction, have some insight into the thoughts and ideas of this author.

The design is workable, though somewhat plain. It’s not a template that you see often, so that makes it all the more pleasing to see that it doesn’t look like every other template out there. The archives work and are organized into different categories.

The author gives you glimpses into a photoblog, which is always nice to see the world through someone else’s eyes. The author’s landscape photography is quite beautiful and worth a look. The design of the photoblog is quite beautiful as well. Otherwise, there are the usual spattering of outgoing links to other blogs and recent entries; nothing out of the ordinary.

The author posts a lot. Usually this is a good thing. If we had a category for “sports” this one would definately fall into that category, as it’s mainly about sports rather than anything more. The posts about his life and observances are interesting, but the sports posts will drive many other reader’s away. You’ll find yourself enjoy the more recent entries than the older as you get to see the author through his words… finally.Bleeding Burgundy and Gold

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