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When I saw the title “That Colored Fellas weblog” I had an inkling that this would be written by someone who had some strong beliefs, and I was certainly right about that.

Upon entering the page I was fairly pleased with the site design- a photo of the “colored fella” with his arm round someone, archives and the blog itself. I always like seeing photos – I think they help tremendously to connect with the blog and its author. The simplicity of the design and lack of distractions helps to draw the reader straight to the content, which is by far the strongest aspect of this weblog. Admittedly a few more colours and “eye candy” might have improved the layout a bit, but not essential.

So on to the content itself then. The author is certainly informed, intelligent and opinionated. I found some of the entries almost too informed- not living in the States, (or being especially clever, come to think of it) I found some of the acronyms and terms used went over my head a bit. However the entries are worth persevering with and full of interesting ideas about politics, as well as revealing more about the author’s personal life. Although I won’t espouse any of his opinions here, suffice to say that being a black, gay American has certainly helped to shape these opinions, making them that much more stimulating.

I was slightly disappointed with the number of entries – I managed to get through them all in about 20 minutes including the archives which went back to January 2003 and felt that more frequent updates would make for more frequent visitors. I also simply wanted to read more of this clearly literate writer. “Comment” links were offered on each entry but they didn’t seem to be working and therefore no one had done so- a shame really, as I feel the site would really benefit from this extra input. A couple of typos were noticed, but not many.

In conclusion then, “Colored Fella” is certainly a cut above your average, run of the mill weblog in terms of the quality of content, but could perhaps do with some more frequent updates. Also, less use of jargon would make it more accessible and attractive to a wider audience. And finally, get the comments fixed!

That Colored Fellas weblog

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