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Every so often, while stumbling through the lists and links and indexes of blogs, you come across a site so well crafted and interesting you are reminded of why you became so excited by this whole “blog” thing in the first place. Johnny America is one such site.

It appears to be a group blog started in July of this year. Each author has a distinct voice. All of them are fabulous writers. There’s something here for everyone: Reviews of everything from bars to books to movies to restaurants. Wonderfully written fiction. Daily “dispatches”. Funny asides. Cultural commentary. But even with such a wide array of entries from several different authors, there’s still an overriding cohesive feel to Johnny America.

Each entry stands on its own. You can dive into the site at almost any point and find something wonderful to read. The posts are sublime. They crawl under your skin. Some are light and funny. Others are darker, cryptic and more disturbing. All are worth savoring. I found myself laughing in odd spots. A few simple sentences detailing the relative efficiency of toothbrush dampening methods caught me off guard, making me laugh out loud. The effect is a subtle one. The authors play with their audience (in the best way). Johnny America draws you in, gets you hooked, and leaves you wanting more. I was disappointed when I came to the most recent entry, since it meant I could read no further.

The design is as simple as can be and it perfectly fits the tone of the site. Johnny America is about the words. It’s about the writing. Any unnecessary bells and whistles would take away from the quiet, reflective atmosphere of the site.

There are a few amusing extras to be found here, including some chuckle inducing emails having to do with an “Am I Hot Or Not?” experiment, and an odd little Questions and Answers page. My only complaint about the site is that I wish there was a little more information on who these people are.

Johnny America is a wonderful young site with incredible potential. It takes the concept of a blog or online journal and runs with it, offering unique and thought-provoking writing to what’s sure to be a rapidly increasing audience.
Johnny America

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