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With a title like Mike’s Brain, one has to assume that this site is going to be daily thoughts and ramblings. Anything other than the above would just not fit with the title. Thankfully, nothing is out of place at Mike’s Brain.

The weblog itself is complete random posts and thoughts as I thought it would be. Posts range from topics such as movies, to cool websites, to just strange things. Most of the posts are written very well, and will make you laugh. The humor in the posts comes naturally and is not forced which is a good thing.

The design however is not near as good as the weblog. He is using a standard blogger template that has been used over and over again. Even if he doesn’t know HTML, I think he needs to tweak the colors to serve his site better. Of course an original design would be best. The one good thing about this design is that it makes it very easy to ignore the ad at the top of the page since this is a blogspot page.

Unfortunately there aren’t any extras for this site. There are your usual links to places and what have you, but nothing else about the author or the site. I really wish that I could have found out more about the author other than what was posted through out the blog.

Overall we have a very good weblog. There are lots of posts to keep you entertained, and it is fairly easy to read. The lack of an original design and extra content brings the score of this blog down. With a little bit of an extra effort, I see this blog scoring higher in the future.
Mike’s Brain

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