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Nino Nano Speed is maintained by Nino Marchetti, a freelance writer from California. When I first arrived at the site, I wondered about the title. What, exactly, is “Nino Nano Speed”? I got my answer as I began looking through the archives.

It turns out that Nino Nano Speed is term coined by Marchetti’s fiancée to describe the pace at which he lives his life. The blog appears, at first, to be simply a collection of links with editorial commentary by Nino, much like any number of blogs available online. But as the months go by more and more personal entries begin to appear. It’s this interesting mix of personal anecdotes and cultural commentary that make Nino Nano Speed a pleasure to read.

Marchetti is a good writer. He comes across as a thoughtful fellow, neither arrogant nor abrasive. He offers up a good selection of links to peruse. Most are to items and articles I hadn’t seen before. He also includes original pieces of his own, most written for classes he is taking at a local university.

My personal barometer for what constitutes a good blog or journal is the author’s ability to involve me emotionally with his life or the material he is presenting to the reader. When I found myself smiling like a goof at Marchetti’s engagement announcement, I knew he had drawn me in.

Also included on the site is a link to Marchetti’s professional writing portfolio.

The design is one of Blogger’s standard templates. It is one I’ve seen on dozens of other blogs, but it’s professional looking and easy to read.

The blog was submitted in the news/links category, although the amount of personal entries on the site almost caused me to re-categorize it. I decided in the end to leave it in the news/links category. Most of the entries do touch on technology, politics, and culture in traditional weblog style.

Nino Nano Speed is a fine blog from an informed and intelligent writer. Thoughtful, funny, and relevant, it’s one I plan on visiting regularly.
Nino Nano Speed

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