Review 2414

My first initial response to this blog is that it’s very professional. I

almost thought it was the incorrect link because it looks more like a

business site than a personal site. Though as I started to look around I

realized that it is a blog about the web admin for, a web design company. I also

noticed that there is no easy way to find the archives. This was the first

thing I searched for, as I always start from the beginning to do my reviews.

All you have is a calendary in which you have to keep going back to get

earliest archives.

Upon going back as far as I could I see that archives only go back into

August, and that is where I shall begin my reading. The look of blogs can often be rather deceiving. While this blog looks very well designed, there’s a bit of functionality that doesn’t quite mesh very well. On archived entries that have the caption “Click here to Read More” and it goes to a blank page that states “Sorry, No blogs in this month.” This isn’t so frustrating about the general topic entries, but on entries like August 27th where the author gives their “Top 10 Movie” and you must click the “Read More” link to see what he chooses for #1, and you never actually get to read what it is. The few entries that are on the blog are well written and to the point. The problem isn’t that the content is lacking in character, but the blog is lacking in content. There’s not a whole lot to read; all of 6 entries that I could find.

The design is very nice, asthetically. Like I mentioned earlier, there are a few problems with functionality of this blog. The colors work well together and make everything easy to read. The comments are turned off to visitors, so there’s no way for random passerby’s to interact with the author.

The author, Webbie, has a professional site that’s attached to the domain. That’s well designed as well. There’s no “about me” page and very little about the author within the context of the entries. If a blog to be successful simply based on looks, then this would be one of the better contenders. However, since most people writing and reading blogs are looking for quality content, this blog lacks in that area very much. My only suggestion to the author of this blog?? Vamp it up a little bit for random visitors, put a little more content, and make sure the features all work, and re-submit. This blog has a lot of potential, but not a lot going for it at this time. SKMedia.Net – My eBlog

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