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For someone who loves purple, it’s always a nice surprise to go to a blog and see purple everywhere. I figured from the title that this might be a group, blog, but only reading the remainder will tell. Upon reading about the author you find it’s one author. I do enjoy the very cartoony look to this blog.

As you read further you find out that the author, Katia, feels a desire to write, as most bloggers do. She admits that she has no direction in her writing, and it’s simply for herself, but some of her posts might find quite interesting. The blog itself is very personal. There’s a lot of french strewn about in the midst of the text. Early entries about neopets are cute, as her and her husband both were slightly obsessed for a moment. The entries have a tendency to be along the lines of “i did this today” kind of entries. While others are short sending you to something she found interesting or funny. While you might find yourself searching for the gold in the masses (she has a lot of posts for each month of her archives) there are the occasional wonderful stories that leave you smiling. The entries are well written, and for the most part thought out.

The design is very cute and very original. When you change to different pages, the image on the top right changes as well. They’re not overwhelming and overpowering of the blog, but actually accentuate the content. The navigation is easy to find, although when browsing through the archives it would be nice to have a “back to top” link, becaucse Katia actually writes quite a bit each month.

There’s a lot to read and view besides the general blog content. She gives you the option to change the look of the blog and I’ve always liked that feature. There are a lot of good external links with only a few broken ones (from earliest archives).

This blog has had a wonderful beginning and a middle. There’s a lot of content to read through. While some of the entries are rather mundane in it’s day to day nature, the others are worth a read. Some are nostalgic and others just wonderfully written experiences. There are quite a few spelling errors, but nothing that takes away from the reading of the blog. There’s also a portion of the blog written in french, and while I don’t understand it, it probably accentuates the content as well (if only I could understand them). This is a blog I would read again, though probably not on a daily basis.An Aussie Lass, a Frenchman & a Burmese

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