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The title itself suggested this was probably done by a little girl, maybe in junior high, for a bit of fun for herself and her friends. The hot pink background you see for some time as the site loads reinforces this idea.

This site has a lot of technical problems. It’s two colums, but the boxes and sliders everywhere are frustrating. Sometimes the archives work; sometimes they give you a Blogspot error message. If I’d just been a casual visitor I probably wouldn’t have hung around long enough to read through it. It’s graphics heavy and there’s also music, and an upper navigation bar I found eventually, as it took a full ten minutes by the clock to fully load. (Often, those on high-speed connnections forget that 50% of the online population is still on dialup modems, as DSL and cable is not available everywhere.) Some of the links in the left go to inactive webrings.

While I was waiting, I skimmed through the archives and found there were a few spotty entries since July of last year. I discovered Deb is a 20-something college journalism student, so this is probably a “fun” project. Such entries as there are have quotations found on bathroom walls, some lines (with more graphics) about Barbie and the author’s Women’s Studies teacher. If this is a parody on ultimate ditziness, I’d like to see more! This is why I hung around long enough to try and read more of the entries. Even the “non-blog writings” (also difficult to get in and out of) are downright hilarious!

It’s clear she’s put a lot of work into creating this world — next time I’m out at the college where they have a T1 connection, I’ll make a point of visiting this site again for a better look. But if I was teaching writers at her school this young woman would definitely get some extra credit for this blog.

I’d recommend it to anyone with a high-speed connection, who could use a laugh for the day. Judged on content alone, this blog would rate a 5, but unfortunately the technical problems will put off some visitors, so I’ll give it a 3.

Deb on the Web

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