Review 2409

The first thing that caught my eye on this blog was the neat background and the interesting header image. After that, it looks like your standard personal blog/journal. The title, “Stephanie’s Online Diary,” verified this assumption.

Random Scribbles is the diary of a gal named Stephanie. Her entries are pretty interesting and honest, but they are few and far between for my standards. After going through the archives, it looks like Stephanie doesn’t blog as much as she used to. I’m sure there are reasons, but infrequent updates don’t make for a good daily read. There’s a good variety in her writing, but there’s nothing that really sticks out for me.

The blog is well organized and is well designed. It’s a Movable Type blog, so it has organized archives and integrated comments, which are always a plus. Stephanie also took the time to customize her template with a nice looking background and a captivating header. Very nice.

Overall, this is a very well designed personal blog, but there isn’t really anything special to warrant it a daily read. I’d definitely come back though and see what Stephanie is up to. Random Scribbles

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