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One of the interesting things you’ll first notice when you visit this site is the quote in the title area. It draws your attention to the way the author uses the words, and in which way. It makes me a little curious to know what this blog is going to bring when I start to tackle the content. The blogspot attached to the domain is always a slight cause for concern, and archives generally tend to not work for these blogs. As always, curse blogspot, I can’t seem to “get to” the archives. There are plenty of entries on the page, going all the way back to April of this year. Seeing this makes me wonder if there are even anything to be put into archives. I’m not sure, but it’s full steam ahead.

I read through a handful of the older entries, not really sure what to expect. The entries are very well written, almost as though you were getting a sneak peak into the actual life of someone, objectively rather than personally. The entries are a little obscure. The subject matter isn’t very clear, even after you’re read the entry you’re still left scratching you’re head. Probably the oddest thing about this blog is that while you might not know what the author is actually referring to, you continue to read because they’re well written and for the most part very interesting. Danger, as the author has so deemed himself, is quite humorous in a very dry, matter-of-fact sort of way.

The design is much like you’d see passing through blogspot and going to any random blog. It works and is easily readable. The author has actually added a commenting system. The earlier entries are lacking in the comments, and I doubt it’s because of the writing, more so the lack of understanding the subject of the entries. There are a handful of external links, but nothing in the entries.

Danger is funny. Quite funny. It’s actually quite difficult to know anything more about the author than the fact that he writes. Sometimes he makes references to characters that you’d have to know a thing or two about to catch the meaning. “Then I’d be the gas and sell all the stuff to Mario, who would be the funny italian guy in a hat and jump suit who ran the local pawn broker which was really a cover for his go-kart shop (May 2).” The writing is definitely worth taking a look at, but don’t be surprised if you don’t understand the subject matter of what this author is writing about.Mysterious Island Place

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