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Its been a little over a month since The Illusion of Safety was first reviewed. Having read the original review back when it was written, I had some expectations going into this site. Hopefully there have been some improvements to the site since then.

Nope. No improvements. Well wait, I take that back. The author did get rid of the bouncing titles. Other than that, the site looks exactly the same. Same black background, same white text, same red links, same parental advisory above every single post.

Ok, so the author didn’t change the design, maybe the content improved. Nope it didn’t improve much either. The weblog is still about what is going on in the author’s life, as told to his brain. He writes what he thinks, but the thoughts are on what has happened during that day, week, month, or however long it has been since his last post. Topics vary from school to friends to video games to movies. One good thing is that the author can write well. With a little better direction I bet it will be much improved.

One thing that really annoyed me was the fact that the author spoke as if he was the coolest blogger out there. Um sorry to break your bubble, but no. You are not God, you are not all knowing, you are a teenager! In one of his posts recently he states that he has been single for a while, and asks females to answer his little survey. Well when you have a question of the form “Have you posted your picture on Hot or Not? – If yes, send me your picture and proceed, otherwise stop cause you will be rejected” or something along those lines. Um let’s think about this one for a second. On second thought lets, not.

One of the features that is supposed to be funny, but really isn’t is his Hot Or Not captions. This is where he takes pictures from Hot or Not and then comments on them. This had potential to be good, but unfortunately all of the comments are predictable and kind of mesh together. Nothing too original there.

One last note I would like to make about this site is the lack of updating in the past couple of months. For someone who has written about wanting more comments, emails, and traffic, he doesn’t fulfill his end of the bargain. Granted, the way the posts are written, I am glad there are only a few a week instead of a few a day as it made my job easier.

Overall this site is targeted at two types of people: friends of the author and teenage males. Anyone not fitting into either category is more than likely not going to enjoy their time spent. I understood the goal of the site, and I have to say that the author does achieve it, but unfortunately the goal just isn’t what I am looking for in a weblog. The author can write well and is funny when he is not trying to be. I think after a couple more years of living, he will mature, and his blog will be something to read then. I hope the author takes these words seriously because he really is not testing his talents.
The Illusion of Safety

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