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Sometimes when I go to a site there’s just something that draws me in. This time, with this blog I couldn’t shake off the odd feeling of deja vu. The site looks beautiful with the images of flowers along the top. I stopped by the profile and disclaimer to see what she had to say.

The blog itself goes back quite a few years. It’s always interesting, at least for me, to read where the blog began, and often what happened. Though I’ll admit, the first entry I actually read was the most current one, and I was easily captivated by this author. Trinity has a different way with words, and she shares her feelings, without holding back. I have to give it to an author; anyone who can talk about poor eating habits and body reactions in one entry has to be worth reading. Her entry on religion should awaken the masses, but probably won’t. I can’t help but understand where she’s coming from in her story of her “awakening.” So it finally hits me, why I’ve been to this blog before. Remembering Scott.

The design is functional. It works. Knowing how diaryland is about templates, there’s only so much available to each blogger. You’re only able to read the most recent entry when you get there. The archives all work function properly. Actually, the archives are actually laid out nicely, letting you see the actual date and the entry title. The colors are pleasing on the eyes with soft lavender’s and purples.

There’s a profile page, but you don’t get much about Trinity there. You find out some of Trinity’s favorite diarist’s are, as well as favorite books and things of that nature. The only disappointing thing is that there isn’t anything by way of who she actually is, or any personal tidbits that’ll give you a glimpse into who this author really is.

This blog is a good one, overall. It’s a little more personal that some people might want to read. Trinity tells you how it is in her opinion and she tells it well. There are a few grammatical and typo errors, but not enough to make a big stink about it. She tells a damn good story, and I’d highly recommend this blog to others.Trinity Sixty-Three – The Escapades of me

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