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Pirate Cafe is a new weblog, dating back only to the beginning of July, but wow, there’s a lot to be getting through.

Unfortunately, there’s no logical introduction to the site, no “about” page, which is a shame, because this is a blog by a girl with a real story to tell. From what I can make out, the narrator, going by the name of pirate-tron, is in her twenties, has a boyfriend and works as a teacher.

From such a generalisation, however, the blog streams forth with witty and interesting opinion pieces. For example, read about the writer’s introduction to small-town sex parties in a very well-crafted tale on July 27th. Or go further back, and read of one of her experiences with an inept co-worker.

There are many types of entry, too. Aside from the longer comments, which are what I found to be the highlight of the site, you’ll also find a smattering of illustrated recipes, poems and shorter, personal updates. Pirate-tron is politically-minded, but not overbearingly so, and represents an interesting and interested minority in America that feels alienated by George W. Bush’s presidency (perhaps not so small a minority).

On the left hand side of the site, accompanying the scant internal navigation (a few archive links) are external links to sites of interest, and a nifty message board. I think the board is a great idea, especially having it on the front page, and not hidden away from the majority of everyday visitors.

Unfortunately the design, on the whole, is generic and doesn’t fit the length of most entries (a lighter background, better word and line-spacing would help readability), though it isn’t intrusive and the site is quick to load.

I foresee a strong future for Pirate Cafe. I will be following the narrator’s search for land with interest, and hope that I won’t be alone in doing so.

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