Review 2386

Messy, messy, messy. Informative, but messy. This “blogmanac” covers various items world-wide. The huge, and I mean huge, header section on the site basically says hello and asks you to be patient – and even on DSL you have to be patient. It was a good three or four minutes before the site loaded up for me and I shudder to think how long it would have taken if I’d been at home on my dial-up connection.

The content of the blog is provided by four people, and they do a good job of finding very interesting links (I did take the opportunity to check out a couple that caught my eye). The news items described on the site range from points of interest to political articles and the links are sourced from a wide range of websites and do not soley focus on main news groups like CNN, BBC, etc. My favourites were those about mythology and culture. There is also a large number indepth entries detailing the writers’ opinions of the links along with some extra information to tempt the reader into going to have a look at the link.

It really is a site that has lots to offer those who are bored or looking for something interesting to read during their coffee break – and it was during these times that I perused the site and the links. There’s lots of ground to cover and it’s updated several times a day, so you’re bound to see new things all the time.

Having said that, I personally feel that the site is poorly designed and would do a heck of a lot better on it’s own server using something like Movable Type, Greymatter or one of the plethora of personal publishing tools out on the web these days or organise it’s content. Wilson’s Blogmanac

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