Review 2383

I wasn’t impressed at all with this blog. It’s disturbing – which is what the writer is going for, but most bloggers who write along these lines provide more for the reader other than vague half-statements and unfinished thoughts. It makes for very unenjoyable reading. The design of the blog actually changes once you hit one of the archive links and to be honest, that design suits the theme of the site better than the one you’re first greeted with (which is plain and boring).

Every entry is never more than one or two lines, or a short paragraph. There is no information about the writer which leaves the obvious questions – Who? Why? When? Where? How? The total lack of information makes for a very boring site.

There is also a distinct lack of entries with which to comment on. The blog is new, but to be reveiwed properly, you need to give the reviewer something to go on, something with which to get to know you by. This blog didn’t make the cut in that respect.

There were two entries which stood out in particular however, which I did like very much. “The Death Of A Clown (1991 – The Fall)” posted on the 27th of July and “Psycho” posted on the 20th of July. Death of A Clown was probably the saddest and poignant thing I’ve read in a blog, so well done for that entry. Psycho posed a question that I had often pondered myself. It makes for interesting debate.

On the whole, I wouldn’t recommend this blog to anyone, especially if it carries on along the same vein with little sense and(or) little information. However the more angsty-teen type people might think they relate in some way to the strange words found at the Diary of Kyramas.A Diary of Kyramas

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