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The first thing I noticed about Amy’s site was that it’s pink – actually a rather nice combination of pinks. She hasn’t been writing the blog very long, but it’s actually pretty darn funny. Many bloggers aim to have a goal in their writing but end up focusing on their own life – Amy aims to be funny and succeeds by examining aspects of her life (and society) with humor, although she does have an occasional tendency to ramble.

Amy’s earnest nature definitely comes through in her writing. She hasn’t yet revealed much about her own life, but she is honest with her thoughts and expresses herself well. Posts sometimes jump from topic to topic, but they remain readable and enjoyable. Amy doesn’t post often yet, but what she’s written so far is definitely enjoyable to read.

As I mentioned, Amy’s site is a pleasing combination of pinks with some white thrown in for good measure. She’s kept things readable by using black text, although the large flower at the top is a little distracting until you scroll past it. Her sidebar is quite short, which causes the reader to focus on her writing rather than a bunch of links elsewhere. The site design is definitely appealing to the eye and serves its purpose.

“Life According to Amy” is definitely worth keeping an eye on, even if she doesn’t post frequently. What Amy writes is a pleasure to read and hopefully she’ll keep up the good work.

Amy submitted this site to the “Humor” category, and I initially expected it would have done better in “Personal.” I now agree with her suggested placement because she doesn’t focus too much on her own life. Amy definitely deserves her 4.5 rating.Life According To Amy

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