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VJ’s little blog is an interesting read. The design of the site is very easy on the eyes, with the main body of the blog straight down the middle and everything else straight down either side. Not a lot of whizz-bang wonder in the design but it works and it’s non-offensive. There’s a couple of kitty pictures which have done the rounds through email forwarding around the world on display in the bordering columns – but who can resist cute kittens with ridiculous expressions? Obviously not VJ. I don’t find fault with that. VJ is also relatively new to the blogging scene though her addiction to it shows. Regular updates abound which is always a good sign. I’m glad she’s having such good fun with it.

The first thing I looked for with this blog was the “About Me” information, I wanted to know who I was reading about and whose life I was delving into. I was a bit disappointed with the “About Me” link – basically she’s copied and pasted information from the latest Bloginality meme that’s doing the rounds (found at for those interested). I want to know about VJ, not what some multiple-choice survey says she is. Other than that, she’s got a wee smidgeon of information about who she is – or at least what her star signs are. To find out about her, you really do need to read much of her blog and from that we find out that she’s a young woman studying marketing in Bangalore, India.

The content of the blog is pretty simple. Tidbits here and there of her thoughts and what she’s done and what she finds interesting. The blog is littered with little comedic gems such as this one about different sorts of marketing which make you giggle and you end up smiling as you read the details of this girl’s life with her studies (when she writes more indepth entries about herself). She comes across as someone who utterly enjoys her life and all of it’s little adventures, and who could complain about that?

The more I read, the more I enjoyed it. Readers can rest assured that it is a very personal blog, so don’t expect huge rantings on world events or politics or anything along that vein. I’m giving the site a 3.5, but it ranges somewhere between the 3.5 to 4 point range really. Well done VJ, it was lovely getting to know you.Melange- Cofused Wisdom

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