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The man knows his latex! I entered Lust, Love & Latex with trepidation, expecting to see something raunchy and very adult – which is is, but the site is professionally maintained (it’s not filled with latex porn as I was fearing) and is a great jumping board for those interested in the latex fetish or simply those wanting to buy something sexy and rubber. The design of the site is effectively sexy without being over the top. It’s a very talented coder who can make a concept such as this work well online.

The site started in mid-September last year and has a wealth of information about latex and the life of the writer, a man who wears the stuff (and loves it with a passion). To be more specific, it’s about one man’s attempt to come to terms with the fetish and help his wife come to terms with the fact that her husband is a latex fetishist. Needless to say, it makes for interesting reading.

3xL – three Ls which refer to Lust, Love & Latex and not the man’s actual body size – is an extremely intriguing individual and he writes with clarity. It’s obvious that he knows what he wants to achieve. The blog doesn’t deviate much at all from it’s original purpose of discussing 3xL’s relationship with his wife and life with rubber and when it does, it’s simply to promote other latex fetishist bloggers and sources where one can procure the latest in rubber finery. There’s also a gallery you can sign up to view all manner of latex-type pictures if you’re interested.

All in all, if you like latex, or even if you think you don’t, go visit 3xL and his world of rubber. You’ll be surprised and maybe even tempted. Heck, even I was tempted to purchase a few bits and pieces for myself, he makes it sound like fun. A very impressed 4.5/5 for Lust, Love & Latex.

(Note to those who read the sites reviewed on at work – due to some of the pictures onsite, this is not a work-safe blog, so save it ’til you get home.)3xL : Lust, Love & Latex!

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